Learning is fun

Learning must be fun and exciting – then it can be influential and inspirational.

To keep the children engaged it is absolutely vital that learning is fun and that it always remains fun – this is true for any age – baby, toddler, child, teenager or grown-up.

No chance of engaging with a bored learner!


Learn anywhere at any time and at any age

Learning takes place anywhere in many different ways and at any time.  It is not confined to school / college / university and the classroom.

As coaches we should consider that we can learn loads from the children as well as the other way around.

e.g. how to have fun and be happy – truly live in the moment, live for now and enjoy everything as it happens.


Learner focus (rather than teacher)

A shift in focus – the child is the most important person and they should be treated as such.  If the coach cannot stimulate and motivate the children then the coach has no value to that child at that particular point.

The only relevant perspective is the view of the learner – as only the learner can confirm if teaching has enabled learning.

At Just for fun holiday club every learner is treated with highest importance – as their positive learning experience is our purpose for existing.


Facilitator (rather than teacher)

Children are provided with lots of learning opportunities through our activities where they have a level of freedom to pursue their interests.

Grown-ups are learning facilitators (rather than teachers) – matching the needs of the learner and their interests at any point in time with opportunities for extending learning to include the widest range of curriculum and beyond curriculum topics.

Our aim is that children and grown-ups learn without even realizing that they are learning – as they are having so much fun!


Use first names

Respect is earned through building positive relationships as well as positive behaviours such as being open, honest, fair, fun, humble, inspirational and so on.

Terms like “Sir”, Mr…”, “Ms…”, “Miss…” and “Mrs…”  have no place as they create artificial hierarchical barriers that imply the teacher is more important than the learner.


Yes (rather than no)

The word “yes” opens so many possibilities for the learner to explore, experiment and to learn through experiences.

The word “no” stops everything.  For such as simple short word that can be used so easily, it emphasizes the hierarchy that the grown-up is more important than the child.  It has a place, but it must be used very sparingly.  A better approach is to be open, to explain, to reason, to negotiate or to divert attention to a more positive scenario.


Mix of male and female role models

Children need a mix of role models from different backgrounds and genders.  Often in modern society parents may not be as accessible due to commitments e.g. work.  It is still important that children learn from both male and female grown-ups as well as male and female children peers / friends.


Sensible ratios of grown-ups to children

The safety and wellbeing of the children (and grown-ups) that are involved at Just For Fun Holiday Club is of paramount importance.  Where applicable we provide ratios in line with or better than that required by law and where not applicable, we apply a common-sense approach that optimises the enjoyable experience, learning and safety.  Please note that higher ratios are not always better than lower ratios.


Mixed age groups for children

Just For Fun Holiday Club encourages children to mix across age groups.  This approach supports child-initiated learning where learning takes place when each child is ready, interested and engaged.  It also encourages a nurturing role for older children where they can learn to be positive role models for the younger ones.  We believe this supports an inclusive community-aligned approach that encourages positive moral values.


Grown-ups need to see the world from a child’s perspective

To truly connect with children, you need to remember what it is like to be one.  Consider the world as if you were a child.  Too many grown-ups forget that the grown-up’s perspective is different to that of the child’s perspective.  Get down on your knees to their height, use words that they use, be honest and direct, use pictures if written words cannot be understood, get outdoors because it’s fun, get mucky, animate storytelling, dance, sing, play and so on.


Lifelong learning

Learning is fun (or at least it should be!) and therefore you should keep learning – always – throughout your life.  Treat it as a lifelong adventure of discovery.



At Just For Fun Holiday Club we believe that all children should enjoy, to have fun, laughter, excitement and happiness through having a sense of freedom.

We aim to be inclusive in our approach.  In fact, we believe that it is important, positive and essential to welcome diversity and to ensure equality at all times (including and not limited to race, gender, age, additional needs).


Never-ending improvement

In everything we do at Just For Fun Holiday Club we are striving to improve and make it more effective, more efficient and better.  This is a passion that is engrained in our hearts.